Why You Should Share Your Writing

I use to be terrified of sharing my writing. Even now, the closer I get to publishing my book the more nervous I become. I already know that there will be people that love my writing and people that loathe it, but even with my expectations in check there are times where I still find myself anxious about the whole thing. When I started writing my novel a couple of years back I wasn’t sure what my intentions were. Like most writers, the writing simply started because it was a passion of mine, a hidden part of myself that I needed to express by putting pen to paper or fingers to keys. Then it developed into something much more. I had an overwhelming need to create, write and share my work. In the past, sharing my work was not an option at all. Just ask my mom. She received a proper scolding when I caught her reading some of my work without my permission. To this date, I am still upset with her about it, but as I developed as I writer I realized that other people reading my work wasn’t the end of the world; I had to ease into it.

I started sharing my writing with people in high school. Instead of listening to the teacher and taking notes I would sit and write stories. When I was finished, my notebook would be passed around to a couple of friends in class. My stories were liked by most and I slowly began to feel my confidence build.  Once in college, writing took a back seat to everything else. It wasn’t until a friend gave me a journal for my birthday that I got excited about writing again and started slowly getting back into the habit.

After I determined that I was going to get serious about writing I started writing short stories, only letting the occasional friend read them, then finally some family members. That is when I realized that it meant something to me to have other people to read my work. It wasn’t about how it made me feel, but it was amazing to see how my writing made others feel.  My writing made my readers sad, it made them think, it made them laugh, and it excited them. That is the beauty of writing. You can take a few words, put them together, and in a matter of minutes someone will, cry, be angered or overjoyed. Words can turn a bad day into a good day or vice versa.

I have realized that when we write we are not only creating stories, but we are sharing lessons, lesson  about love, hate, happiness, hope, sorrow, the lessons of life.  I believe it is important that these lessons are available for consumption by readers in order to educate, heal, change hearts, and ultimately change the world. If you have been on the fence about whether or not you want to share your writing with the world I am here to peer pressure you into sharing it. The world has too much of the same and there needs to be more unique voices out there. Besides, what is the worst that can happen if you share your writing? I’ll tell you. Someone won’t like it, and so what. You might get a nasty email or review, but there will be no lynch mob with pitchforks hunting you down because they hate your work. Write and share and let your voice be heard.

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