The Power In Purpose



  1. The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.


  1. Have as one’s intention or objective.

In life there are many times when a person might feel lost and question their purpose. Each day brings its own challenges and sometimes we can become so overwhelmed that we forget our wits and succumb to the anxiety. Feeling defeated and full of self-doubt, we go back to our routine, forgetting who we are as we bury ourselves in our work or anything else that will distract us from worry and dissatisfaction. While we go back to the job we hate or hangout with people that we don’t even like, we find ourselves daydreaming of a better future. A future where we love our life in total after we have accomplished every goal we set out to accomplish, finally able to enjoy the fruits of so much labor. But why does that dream only find itself in the future? Why can’t that dream be now?

The dreams that we dream may be grand, however, they are nothing if we don’t get serious about making them a reality. It amazes me how people have such big dreams and talent, but never actually get serious about them. They spend more time thinking about all of the reasons they shouldn’t be going after the life that they want than actually going after it. So much of our time is spent on things that we don’t want to do it’s no wonder why we question ourselves when we actually start doing something that we are passionate about.

I think for anyone to live a purposeful life they have to start living with intention. Like I said earlier, we are so distracted, so much so that many of us float along in life not caring where we end up as long as we are safe. There are decisions to be made and we allow circumstance and others to make decisions for us. We become undisciplined in our finances, neglectful in our relationships, and lazy in our daily work when we are not living our lives intentionally.

If you are a writer looking to be published or just wanting to write your next book, I encourage you to be intentional about your task. Even if you’re not a writer, I encourage you to take intentional steps towards your dreams today, in the now. Direct your focus toward it and the outcome that you want. You have the power to free yourself from the drudge of everyday life when you define your purpose because once you have defined it clearly and see it clearly everything else becomes white noise and your path to your purpose is clear. There is power in purpose.

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