Hello all!

I am Harlow Hayes, and welcome to my website.

I am a writer of women’s fiction that can only be described as raw, deeply philosophical, and wildly entertaining. I am also the writer of non-fiction that focuses on supporting the self-published author. For me, writing is a passion that burns deep inside, and my life tends to get flipped upside down when I don’t comply with its demands, so here I am.

When I write I am fortunate to find clarity amongst life’s pain, busyness, and confusion, because my thoughts and energies are directed towards building, towards creating, and sometimes rebuilding. I am able to take the destruction and chaos that life may bring, mix it with some blood sweat and tears, and create something more beautiful than what existed before, and that is a good book. That is why I write. To inspire the construction or reconstruction of all things beautiful even in the midst of pain and devastation.

I want my readers to know that endings in life are usually accompanied by beautiful beginnings. There is always room for growth and expansion, and my hope is that when my stories are read, readers will begin to invoke the power that they have over their own lives to create the lives that they want.

Thanks for visiting!

Best wishes,